What is Encouragemint?

Encouragemint is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides emotional support and encouragement to anyone and everyone.

We have an online community that provides emotional encouragement and support in our forums. These forums are currently down due to technical difficulties, though we hope to identify and fix the problem soon.

We also have professionally reviewed factual information about various emotional issues and mental health diagnoses as well as resources such as contact information for hotlines and referral services.

Periodically we also conduct Encouragemint Projects, which are local, in-person community service efforts where we highlight a particular cause, individual, or family and come together to make a tangible impact.

Finally, sometimes you just need to take in something light or encouraging. The articles section of our website has a list of positive news, some unusual and sometimes funny news, along with other useful information.

Welcome to the site. We're glad you're here!

Important Update

Encouragemint is pleased to announce that after a year of waiting we have recently been approved by the IRS as an officially recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.

This means that contributions, donations, and gifts made to Encouragemint are tax-deductible under the Internal Revenue Code. Please see your tax advisor for details.

We Need Your Help!

Encouragemint was recently approved as nonprofit organization. While we have several worthwhile and important goals, we unfortunately have limited means and resources. This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new, up and coming nonprofit. If you would like to help us with fundraising or to help prepare grant proposals, please contact us. Click here for more details.

Encouragemint.com is now Encouragemint.org

In connection with our recent attainment of nonprofit (tax-exempt) status, Encouragemint is changing its url or website address from .com to .org, an extension regularly associated with nonprofit organizations. Please make the necessary adjustment to your bookmarks or favorites.

Words of Encouragemint
Positive Peer Pressure

Have you ever wondered what positive peer pressure might look like? Whenever we hear the phrase "peer pressure" we think of it as a negative thing. Peer pressure is usually considered to be about other people who are relatively the same age as you, or otherwise in your "peer group", who try to persuade you to think a certain way or to do certain things that you might otherwise not, things that would usually get you in trouble.

But what if we turned the tables on this line of thinking? What if instead we defined peer pressure as a negative, we defined it as a positive? Peer pressure could be re-thought of as persuasion from one's peers to think a certain way or to do certain things that you might otherwise not, only this time we're looking at things that would cause us to shine.

We all hold within us the potential to influence others and it's up to us to decide how to use that power. Do we encourage people to get into trouble or do we encourage them to make an impact? Do we persuade someone to steal from a neighbor or to help a neighbor? Do we try to get others to give up or keep trying?Diamond.

Despite popular belief diamonds are not formed from coal, but from pure carbon crystals. Carbon incidentally may appear to look like coal. They are converted into what we know as diamonds under the intense heat and crushing pressure found in the Earth's mantle. The mantle is between the Earth's crust and core; about 100 miles (150+ km) below the surface. It's only under this extreme pressure that carbon crystals become beautiful diamonds. (full article)

General Ways You Can Help Our Cause
  1. Help Spread the Word
    • If you like what we're trying to do -- tell someone!
  2. Give directly to Encouragemint
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  3. Support our Projects
    • Participate in one of our projects. Help us raise funds, needed items, and awareness.
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